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MySexySaturday - January 14, 2017 - Missing, But Not Dead

January 14, 2017
This week’s edition of MySexySaturday calls for My Sexy Stranger. I have seven paragraphs from MISSING, BUT NOT DEAD. This is a contemporary m/m romance set in California and the second book in my Amethyst Cove mystery series.


By Christiane France

Available at: Barnes & Noble (Nook), iTunes, and Kobo


When Greg Stewartson, ex-cop, private investigator, and half-owner of Amethyst Cove Security & Investigations, meets Ash Tyler, a handsome and very sexy nurse, their mutual attraction turns Greg’s world upside down. Greg would love to just concentrate on their budding romance. But he also wants to help Ash find his biological family—the one Ash says he had before he was taken into care, adopted and moved from California to Michigan more than twenty years ago. Although if they were Ash’s real family what made them vanish almost as effectively as if they’d never existed in the first place? 

“Hey, finally we meet again. I was beginning to think you were a figment of my imagination.”
The voice took me by surprise. I tensed, then turned to see a man my trained eye judged to be in his late twenties standing just a few feet away.
It was almost dark with stretches of empty sand on either side of us and only the Pacific Ocean and the incoming tide as witness. Muggings aren’t something we see much of along this part of the coast, but that’s not to say they never happen. As an ex-cop and now co-owner of Amethyst Cove Security, I take nothing at face value.
I stared at him head on, trapping his gaze. Like me, he was tall with dark hair and dark eyes. Whoever he was, he had a nice, well-toned body and better than average good looks, but he came across as a pretty boy rather than a fighter. If he tried anything stupid, I could take him in one move, no sweat. “We’ve met before?”
“It was quite a while ago. But for some reason your face has stuck in my mind.” He shrugged. “Sorry if I gave you a scare just now. I guess you don’t remember me?”
If we’d met before, maybe at a bar or one of the clubs in town, I didn’t remember. Even so, he reminded me of someone. I couldn’t think who—a face on TV, someone I’d met casually and exchanged a few words with. Whatever! The deep surfer tan, the fashionably short hairstyle, plus the denim cut-offs, flip flops and white muscle shirt made him virtually indistinguishable from the rest of the around-thirty male population here in the Cove. He came across as relaxed and friendly, no sign of the stiff stance and shifty glances of someone about to pounce or the ready to run. “You’re saying we’ve met before? You sure about that?”
His smile was lethal, the kind that engaged his eyes, his mouth, and made for a whole lot of subtle body language I couldn’t ignore. He was hot, no question. Hot enough to make me catch my breath and wonder if he was available. I clamped down on the thought. I was supposed to be working, not cruising. 

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Friday, December 23, 2016

Cover Reveal and 2016 Retrospective

Available January 2017
Cover by KC Kendricks
After losing my hubby to congestive heart failure in October 2015, 2016 started with the loss of my publisher, Amber Quill Press, and then continued on in the same vein with losses big and small throughout the whole year.

2016 has been a bad year for so many people. We’ve lost a number of talented celebrities who will be sorely missed, at least 3 e-publishers have closed, and every time I go to Facebook I read post after heartbreaking post from friends who’re going through some type of personal crisis or tragedy. An unexpected illness, the worsening of an existing health problem, the loss of a family member, or the health problems of a precious pet.

It’s times like this a magic wand would come in handy. A quick wave of a shiny black stick and a mumbled abracadabra, and the tears would cease to flow, the incurable would be cured, and the heartache would vanish along with that awful feeling of emptiness that follows the loss of someone close.

Like the rest of the world, I’m fresh out of shiny black sticks and magic words, but my motto has always been Onward and Upward. Don’t look back just keep moving forward. If you feel like giving up, look around for someone who is worse off than you. Help someone who can’t help his or herself. I know, it sounds like a bunch of Pollyanna and maybe it is. But over the years I’ve discovered Christmas brings a magic that’s all its own. This year, for me, it’s been the good feeling I’ve gotten by helping out at my local YWCA--donating clothing and knitting warm headbands for women in transition. It’s also been in the form of an unexpected invitation for breakfast with friends and their dog, Waffles, on Christmas morning, and a visit from a new friend who dropped by to deliver a Christmas card and give me a hug because he knew I was feeling low.

This is the first year in a very long time that I haven’t had at least one new release. I haven’t felt like writing. Ideas came, then disappeared as not workable, or I simply lost interest. Call it writer’s block, burnout, whatever. I’ve spent 2016 reading and re-reading partially written stories that have stalled, hopefully just temporarily, and reissuing my backlist. I still have a few books left to reissue, but I’m working on a new idea for a new series that I’m finally excited about. So, fingers crossed, the first book in Stories From The Fountain will be out sometime in 2017. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and I hope 2017 will be a good year for us all.

Christiane France

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Friday, December 16, 2016

MySexySaturday - December 17 2016 - MISSING, PRESUMED DEAD

December 17, 2016:
This week’s edition of MySexySaturday calls for “My Sexy Mystery”. I have seven paragraphs from MISSING, PRESUMED DEAD, a contemporary m/m romance. This is the first book in the Amethyst Cove mystery series.
Christiane France

When his brother’s girlfriend goes missing, and the woman’s brother wants to help find her, Greg’s rule about not mixing business with pleasure is in serious jeopardy. So is his other rule. The one about not allowing a client to interfere with the investigation. 

“If you want me to find out what happened to your sister, we do it my way. If you want to argue or second guess me at every turn, you’re on your own.”
“I’m not allowed to give an opinion?”
“No.” I wasn’t sure why I was being such a miserable hard-ass. I’m not usually like this, so I figure it’s either a subconscious effort to punish him for being so damn attractive, or a deliberate attempt to rid myself of a very real temptation.
“No?” The look on his face was an interesting mixture of indignation and shock. I have no idea what the dude does for a living, but whatever it is, I get the impression he’s the one who does all the telling. “But surely, since I’m the one paying your fee, I should be entitled to voice an opinion now and again. Especially if I feel it would be helpful.”
I captured his gaze and held on tight. “The only thing I need from you will be answers to any questions I might have. If you’re not comfortable with that and want to tell me how to do my job, then you’ll have to find yourself another PI.”
“Vance said you’re the best. If anyone can find out what’s happened to Petra, it’s you.”
His words were followed by a smile and another speculative look that gave the impression he was trying to cruise me, but not, I suspected, for the best of reasons. I hardened my heart to the flirtatious look as well as the flattery. “As you said, you’re the one paying the bill, so it’s up to you who you hire to do the work.”

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Friday, November 18, 2016

MySexySaturday - November 19, 2016 - ONCE UPON A SECRET

November 19, 2016:
This week’s edition of MySexySaturday calls for “My Sexy Holidays”. I have seven paragraphs from ONCE UPON A SECRET, a contemporary m/m romance. This snippet outlines a giant step forward in the developing relationship between Luke and Travis.

Christiane France


The last thing Luke Fiorelli wants to do as a member of a close-knit immigrant family living in the Italian neighborhood of a small town, is embarrass or upset them by openly declaring his sexuality. Moving to the big city isn’t an option for a couple of reasons: partly because he owns a successful landscaping business, and partly because his family wouldn’t understand him relocating on what they would interpret as a whim. So, by convincing himself that his strait-laced father would kill him if he ever found out about Luke’s sexuality, and satisfying his needs with the occasional weekend trip out of town, Luke has never had a problem keeping that part of his life a deep, dark secret.
That is, until he meets handsome and openly gay Travis Barrington III. The attraction between the two men is strong and instantaneous, and suddenly Luke is scrambling to invent even more excuses to keep his secret.
Travis, however, knows all about secrets and the harm they can do, but can he convince Luke to accept that and step out into the light?
As they approached the downtown area, Luke knew Travis was still sure they were going to a restaurant, but he said nothing as he just continued on.
Suddenly, Travis said, “I know where we are. This is Little Italy, right?”
Luke drew into the curb and parked outside his parents’ home. “We have a tradition in my family,” he said quietly. “Everyone comes home for Thanksgiving dinner, no excuses accepted, and we’re all supposed to bring a friend.”
Travis looked worried. “You sure your parents will be okay with you bringing me?”
“My parents love me, and I love them,” Luke stated simply. “But now you’re a big part of my life. It’s time for you to get to know them and for them to get to know you. Think you can handle that?”
“If they can, I guess I can.” Travis reached for Luke’s hand and squeezed it hard. “To tell the truth, though, I’m a lot scared.”
“Me, too,” Luke said. “So let’s go do it now.”
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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Amethyst Cove Mysteries

If you enjoy a good mystery, how about a trip to California? Where you’ll find warm sunshine, the blue Pacific Ocean bordered by beautiful beaches, and Amethyst Cove, the home of Greg Stewartson, private investigator. Greg’s field of expertise is locating missing persons.


In MISSING, PRESUMED DEAD, Greg’s faced with the difficult task of locating his brother’s girlfriend who vanished without a trace.

MISSING BUT NOT DEAD involves another missing woman. This time it's a nameless teenager who disappeared thirty years ago after giving birth to Greg’s partner, Ash Tyler.

In STILL MISSING the search continues for Ash’s biological parents. Greg finds a couple who admit to being present at Ash’s birth, but what they have to say sounds fabricated. Is it the truth, poor memories, or do they have something to hide?

FOREVER MISSING is a work in progress in which Greg’s hunt for Ash’s family continues while he also works on the case of a local businessman’s missing son. No release date as yet.


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MySexySaturday - November 12, 2016 - GETTING REAL

November 12, 2016:
This week’s edition of MySexySaturday calls for “Sexy in the sky”. The one book I have that qualifies is Paris Heat, but as it’s currently unavailable I have seven paragraphs from GETTING REAL, a contemporary m/m romance, instead.
Christiane France


For TJ Delaney and Cole Labelle, it’s time to turn their lives around and get real.

TJ needs to exchange his playboy lifestyle for a job and prove he’s a responsible adult rather than a spoiled, rich brat.

Cole needs to free himself of his family’s control and their paranoid fears by proving being gay like his father is the only thing he and the man who gave him life have in common. And that by being openly gay he won’t cause them the public embarrassment his father did.


“That was Maggie. She was supposed to be here at ten to finalize our order for the plants. Now she says she can’t make it until noontime. I’m sorry.”

“Hey, the job comes first.” He (Cole) reached out and briefly touched my shoulder. “You want to go for a drink later?”

“You mean here in town, after work?”

“Why not?”

“I think you need to slow down. Lunch is one thing, Cole. You hired The Birds to supply the plants for the building, so it could even be explained as a working lunch. What you’re suggesting is something else. It’s like a date. It’s like making a major statement to the entire world. What if someone sees us and your family finds out?” I couldn’t believe I’d just said that, but I wanted Cole to step back and think what could happen.

“I’ve thought about that, too. If I lose my job and my mom wants me to move out, that will be their decision. This one is mine. If I’m to have the kind of life I want, I can’t keep putting it off. I have to start somewhere, and this is it, TJ. With you at my back, I’m ready to take this first step. We can have a drink or two, and hang for a bit. Maybe later go get something to eat. You cool with that?”

I high-fived him, swallowed the sudden surge of emotion that made my chest tight and my eyes blurry and finally gave him a hug. He smelled delicious and his body was hard and sweet as rock candy just waiting to melt and mold against mine. He started hugging me back, so I cut it short before nature took us in the direction I knew we both wanted to go. “You betcha, babe! Although, there are a couple of things you should know. Like you, I live at home, and right now I don’t have wheels...” 

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Friday, October 28, 2016

MySexySaturday - October 29, 2016 - A Happy Christmas Ending

October 29, 2016:

For this week’s edition of MySexySaturday I have seven paragraphs from A HAPPY CHRISTMAS ENDING, a contemporary m/m romance.

Christiane France

The sequel to the best-seller Raindrops And Roses...
When Drew and Michael first met, they spent every minute of their free time together, dreaming, planning and generally behaving like they lived on their own private planet. Now, almost three months later, they’re still together, but only just. Michael’s been gradually distancing himself from Drew and he’s not returning Drew’s calls. They’re supposed to be spending Christmas with Michael’s family, so Drew forces a meeting. If Michael has met someone else, he wants to know, and he wants to know now.
I pressed my face against his chest, feeling his warmth and breathing in his scent. “You have it all worked out, huh?”
“Yup.” He slid a finger under my chin and lifted my head so we were eye to eye. “There is absolutely nothing to worry about, love. Things will work out. I promise.”
Marmalade began pushing himself between our legs, either in search of food or in an attempt to get a little attention for himself. I wasn’t sure which.
“Yes, and you’ll be okay, too, you little pest.” Michael released me and picked up the cat. “This guy won’t give over until I feed him. So, while I do that, maybe you’d like to find us something to drink? There’s beer and cola in the fridge.”
“How about coffee?”
He grinned and blew me a kiss. “I’d love one. That’s if you’ll be kind enough to make it.”
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